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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

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Mold can cause damage to your home and to your health. Living in a warm climate, you need to make sure that every bit of mold is fully removed and that all areas where moisture may occur are properly treated to ensure that regrowth does not occur.

If you have water damage, have recently been in a fire, or if there is known mold growth in your home or business, contact a Palm Beach County mold remediation expert from Entrusted right away.

The Importance of Ridding Your Home of Mold

Health issues stemming from mold can arise suddenly and hit hard. Mold can go undetected for months, but it could be actively contributing to respiratory issues and much more in your household. Protecting your property and your family can be easy – all you need to do is contact Entrusted.

Mold can cause many physical symptoms, including:


Allergy-like symptoms including sneezing and itchy eyes.


Skin irritations and rash.


Coughing and symptoms that reflect asthma.

It is important that at the first sign of mold, or if you have any reason to believe mold may be present in your home, that you contact Entrusted right away and speak with a technician from our team.

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Our team of mold remediation technicians proudly offer 24/7 emergency response services and a fast, dependable response to your cleanup needs. Integrity drives our business, and our practice is always to ensure that your needs are properly met. If you are facing mold complications, or if you have recently had water damage from a fire, flood or other water-related incidents, you need to call our team right away. We proudly serve the communities of Palm Beach County and Riviera Beach.

Entrusted proudly offers free assessments. Call our team today at 561-966-0765 to get started.

Serving Florida Residents for Over 15 Years


Our experienced restoration specialists are proud to serve South Florida, including Riviera Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Wellington. At Entrusted, we only hire the most knowledgeable and skilled technicians to work on your home. Every practice we have in place is driven by integrity and a desire to give our customers the best possible experience.

Because many of our customers have repair needs that are time-sensitive, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency services! Simply call us or fill out our contact form today to get started, and we can quickly get your home back to pristine condition.

We strive to deliver the most outstanding restoration experience for residents in South Florida and select counties in Texas. We complete every project with long-lasting results you can rely on.


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